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In 2007, my father in law passed away due to lung cancer. I watched day in and day out him trying his hardest to fight the cancer. When we first discovered cancer was the issue he was having. The doctor prepared him by telling him he was only looking at 3 to 6 months. This was one of the hardest bits of news my husband and I had to deal with together as a family. Thankfully we got a whole 13 months with him, but I personally feel it wasn’t enough. My father in law was an amazing man, he always seen the brighter side of things.

After seeing him go through all that, it made me want to see about going into home health, I know I will not be a miracle worker and take the pain away from those fighting cancer, but I can be there for them, more then I was my father in law. I can be there shoulder when they need someone besides family to talk to.

I think though trying to start a career while my daughter is young is not going to happen I need to focus on her education, and being her momma. When she gets older and on her own, I will see about pursuing my dreams. Until then I can continue to dream. I often find myself looking at all the different cute nursing uniforms.

They have them in animals, cartoon characters, and even some cute solid color ones. I found some really cute ones I liked at http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/. I may have to purchase some just for house lounging. I do own a pair of bottoms, and they’re so comfy! This is one career I can say that the uniforms are actually nice.

What was your dream career? Are you following your dreams?

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