Having Faith

I am not an extremely religious person. However, I do believe all things happen for a reason, what those reasons are though I have no clue.  I often wonder how God can give one so much to where they almost break. I have been to that breaking point a few times, and I have asked God to help me. Sometimes life is unfair and we get to those crossroads. We are left standing wondering which one we should take, if I go this way this might happen, or if I go that way that might happen.

We are often left wondering which would be the easiest road to take. Should we be taking the easier road though? The reward at the end of the harder road maybe worth all those hurdles we must get around to get there. I sit here often and wish my life were easier… but do I really wish it to be easier? To be honest probably not, I wish things in my life would look up more then down, but I know God is only giving me things he knows I can personally handle, and when he sees I am struggling he will give me a hand to overcome the hurdle that is slowing me down.

For the past week or so I have been in that blah sort of mood. That mood where one minute you are happy, and the next you are worried as hell, you have bills coming in and the money not coming fast enough to pay them. I have been wondering about my car payment, and if it will be late for the first time in 3 years next month, or if my phone might get shut off… Although, I know deep down, I will be fine, these things still worry me.

As I sat here the other night talking to my sister, I was letting her know how worried I was, and she told me “you will be fine, you can do it”… And believe it or not she was right. Whenever I start feeling stressed and things are looking down, God shows me a sign on why I have Faith.

The power of prayer is AMAZING even if you are not a very religious person.

Moral of this post, if you think you cannot go any farther, and you are at the end, ask for help.

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