Hallmark BlogOut Challenge

Hallmark has a new challenge which I will be doing, and to be honest, I know it will be extremely hard for me to do.  However, I like this challenge, and would love for others to join in with me. Their new challenge is called BlogOut. The reason for this challenge, is to get those to turn off technology, and spend more time with family and friends.

Now, they are not asking for you to do this for a long period. However, a few hours during the afternoon would never hurt right? I plan on doing it a full day, and I will be doing this on the weekend so my daughter is not having me break the challenge with helping her with her schooling. I will be taking a lot of pictures (I know a camera is technology), but I will be taking pictures to show all of you!

During this time, I will be playing fun games with my daughter, as well as going on a fossil hunt. I have to say since we have moved back home, we are outside more. I mean a lot more then when we were in Tennessee.

So who is in this with me? We will pick a date, and on that day we will shut off our computers, and reconnect with our families. Sound like a plan?


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