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We looked into wildblue deals and decided that it was time for us to get satellite internet. It was much less expensive than we originally thought that it was. Our kids are almost driving age and were constantly reminding us about how left out that they felt without having internet access. All of their friends are on Facebook, and my kids haven’t had accounts because I felt like they were too young. Now that they are driving age, I felt like it was time and okay for them to use the internet without supervision and to also get on Facebook. I have been surprised by how many of their friends and people that I know that are on it. Basically, everyone in their highschool is on the networking site. My kids won’t let me join, they say that it would be embarrassing for their mother to be on Facebook. The insist that if I do get on , that they won’t be “friending” me. I still haven’t decided if I am going to get on or not! I guess that if I get on they will just have to deny my friend request!

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