Halloween Craft Giveaway

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. How about some glue, beads, paint, and googly eyes instead? With Halloween 4 weeks away it is time to get those decorations out and make your home spooky. But why purchase the decorations when you can make them, and enter in for a chance to win $25 Walmart gift card.

If you are a crafty person, then break out all those arts and craft items,  and head over to Halloween craft section, and get to making some neat decorations.  Not to crafty and have nothing in the home to make anything with for Halloween? Well you’re in luck, just released 8 limited edition Halloween kits, these kits are pretty sweet. They come with everything you need to make those craft projects.

Once you have them made, make sure to take a picture, then head over to either their show and tell forum, or their facebook page, and upload your image. At the end of the month they will be picking a winner for the $25 Walmart gift card. However, if you look on their facebook, they say there also maybe other prizes during the month of October!

Not to creative and need some help? Check out their youtube channel.

Good luck to those that enter, I know we will be!

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  1. Love all the idea’s, the kids favorite is the Glow In The Dark Dracula Craft !
    Thanks for the review!

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