Cleaning 101

Okay not really, I dislike cleaning. It seems whenever I clean I turn around and it is already messy. Kind of defeats the whole point in cleaning, right? Who here likes to clean… I think the room I dislike cleaning the most is the kitchen. I dislike washing dishes, the stove, the fridge, and mopping the floors. If I could pay someone to do just that room, I would, and I wouldn’t mind cleaning the rest of the home.

It just seems like the room that we use the least, gets the messiest the fastest. How is that possible… I have learned in all my years of a professional house cleaner. Okay I didn’t go to school to learn to clean, but I have been doing it for over 30 years, so let’s assume I am a professional house cleaner.

Anyways, I have learned, good degreasers are the key to not having to use a lot of arm muscles to get the kitchen cleaned. I take a bucket add a little degreaser and some hot water, then I start to scrub. I do the stove first, then fridge. I even use it on the floor. Having the proper cleaning supplies makes a world of difference when trying to get everything cleaned.

I still dislike cleaning, but at least the job is a bit easier. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough, and my daughter will love to clean, cook, and grocery shop. I can only wish right?

What are some things you do, to make cleaning not so bad.

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  1. I try to take a week each month and just do a good cleaning.. daily we stay on top of small chores.

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