Bacon Wrapped BBQ Country Style Ribs

Shh don’t tell my husband I am telling you this, he may kill me. The other night we decided to have bbq country style ribs. My husband got the idea to wrap them in bacon, then put some sweet baby ray’s bbq sauce on them. Let me tell you this, those were to die for! I think my daughter said “Daddy was right these are so good, they just melt in your mouth.”

Usually when we have ribs this way, they tend to be a bit dry however, this time they were so good! I wish I had me some more right now. I am betting you want me to get to how he did it right? Well I am getting there just hold on, it is only 12:30am and I have a snoring husband on one side, and a daughter who sleeps all weird on the other side…

So we took a family size pack of spare ribs, baked them in the oven, don’t ask me how long, because I do not keep up with time we cook it until we feel it is done. Isn’t that how they did it in the olden days. Anyways, about 30 minutes or so, then my husband wrapped them in bacon, let them cook about another 15 minutes. He then turned broil on, after he felt the bacon was good to go, he sauced them with some sweet baby ray’s bbq sauce, cooked for about 30 more minutes, and we had some of the best ribs.

How do you cook your spare ribs?

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