Are You Ready For Halloween?

Who all is ready for Halloween? We are, thank goodness. I have my daughters costume, I was lucky enough to get both my nieces their costumes. Now it is all about the waiting. My daughter is counting down the days. We decided to make this a super fun one since it is the first time going with my nieces.

Friday we are going to hit up a few places, and have some fun at my sisters. We are thinking about maybe some fun crafts, and Pizza making. Saturday we will hit the Haunted Barn in my area, and the corn maze as well as some more trick or treating. Then finally Halloween night we will go around my sisters neighborhood, the old fashion way.

I think I am right a long with my daughter pretty darn excited. How many of you like Halloween, and cannot wait for all the fall festivals to begin?

I will be sure to get lots of pictures so I can share on the site. Maybe start a fun things in Michigan section. I know there will be plenty of fun times with my sister and those beautiful babies of ours.

So what types of activities will you, and your children be doing?

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