Any Plans for Tomorrow?

How many of you have plans for tomorrow? My sister and I are going to take the kids around the neighborhood, and freeze out butts off! We took them to a small event last night and it took me about 3 hours to get warmed back up. One thing I miss about Tennessee is the weather. I got spoiled to not very cold temps for long periods of time. Granted it isn’t much warmer down there right now, but it is still warmer.

Last night the kids got to feed apples to the goats, paint pumpkins, and go from trunk to trunk getting treats. Over all it was pretty fun, I really wish Halloween was like it once was when we were kids. I remember when 6 o’ clock came we were out the door going door to door. Now you have to be super careful going door to door, and there is no way I would allow my daughter to go by herself.

To many things could happen now days, it seems as the years go by the people in it get worse and worse. Granted there are a lot of good people out there, there are also a lot more bad people.

So how do you and your family celebrate Halloween. Do you let them dress up and go around the neighborhood? Or do you take them some place to have fun?

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