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I love getting packages that I am not expecting! I don’t like having to pay for shipping though. Today, the mail carrier stops by, I go out to find out a package as forwarded from my old address, and I have to pay 9.02 for the package… EEK. I was really tempted to tell the carrier to return to sender because the last time, I paid for postage it was a on a freebie. So I asked her if I could see who it was from.

She held the box up and a HUGE Squinkie sticker showed… Darn it, I cannot tell them to send this back. So, I pay the money, get inside open the box and I am shocked with what I see!

A TON of squinkies from the boys line! mmhmm I have yet to show my daughter, she will freak once she sees them.

I seen, the Skull Cavern set, cars, spiderman, and some others I am clueless about. As soon as she gets her schooling done, I am going to kick her out, and get some pictures!

That is one thing I can say, my daughter will play with these even though they are boy toys. I predicted last year squinkies would be a big hit for Christmas 2010 and I was corrected. Now they will be a big hit with the boys. These boy ones are so neat!

You can purchase them at your local Walmart, Target, Kmart, or even online.



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