what do you think of the death penalty

I have always been a strong believer of one should have to pay for their crime. I have also been a believer of the death penalty. I feel some crimes need to be handled by death. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel everyone should be sent to death for wrong doing. However, I feel strongly of a person to be sent to death for harming a child in away that is unforgivable. Such as Casey Anthony, maybe she shouldn’t have received death, she should however have spent more time in prison. She is the reason her child is gone, whether it was by her hands or by her stupidity.

Within the past few hours, Georgia put a man to death, when there WAS NOT enough evidence to say this man committed the crime. Millions of people around the world, protested, asked to re-look into this case. The judge refused, the state refused, this man was left out to dry. Did Troy Davis commit the crime he was accused of, or was this one of those “we will pin the crime on someone to close the case deals.”

Troy Davis asked to be given a polygraph test, he was denied that as well… What happened to innocent until proven guilty. This man in my eyes was far from proven guilty. I feel he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, which happens often, because the police officers in charge want to have the case closed, instead of investigating further. What has happened to our justice system?

I do not know the whole case, I only seen and read bits and pieces of it, however, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, to question whether this man was innocent or guilty. I feel Georgia did not do justice for either the office killed, or the man they just put to death.

Troy Davis said it well as they put him to death.

“For those about to take my life may God have mercy on your souls. May God bless your souls.” – Troy Davis

Remember before you claim you seen anything in a crime, make sure it is what you seen. To many innocent people are dying on death row, I think it is time we do away with the death penalty.

May God Bless Troy’s family, and may Troy finally rest in peace.

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  1. I think that the death penalty should be for all people that are 100% guilty of murdering another human, no just if it’s just a police officer or public figure. I don’t think they should condemn anyone to death if they aren’t 100% positive that the person committed murder.
    My sister was murdered by her husband by strangulation and because he admitted it, he was sentenced to only 14 years (out in 11). He admitted what he did so the DA pretty much gave him a break. Why wasn’t he put to death? Oh because my sister wasn’t a public authority figure?? Yeah where is the justice? I’ll tell you, they are spinning in a very bad direction to the general public. An eye for an eye with 100% with out a doubt conviction, and to anyone not just pick and chose!

    I’m not trying to piss anyone off or step on their toes but it’s my opinion and I think that’s all I have in this country.

    RIP Troy Davis.
    welcome to AmeriKKKa

    • Kara, I am so sorry to hear about your sister! (((hugs))) I agree with you, an eye for an eye, but they have to make sure without a doubt the crime was committed. AND YES EVERYONE, not just public figures. My cousin was murdered in 99 by someone he new, the kid got 5 years, Judge stated it was intent, jury didn’t feel that way. Long story short, boy killed another person in prison. He got out in less than 10 years. Killed 2 people and did less than 10 years in prison. Justice was not served here.

      Again I am so sorry for your lose.

  2. Mrs Anonymous says:

    Its so sad. I am so lost for words right now. GA really messed up on this one. After i started reading the story and following it everything in my heart said this man didn’t do this. There is so much that don’t add up. Right now I am so upset and ashamed that I call GA My home..

    • I got goose bumps reading his last words. The whole thing sickens me, I am beginning to wonder if we have as much freedom as they state. Innocent people are dying while guilty are walking free.

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