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Do you ever wonder what your dream means? I dream almost every night, my husband on the other hand hardly ever dreams. Or he does and doesn’t recall them. I know most my dreaming revolves around things that have happened recently. For instance, last night we were talking about bears.

When we lived in Tennessee the area we were in, wasn’t bear area. When we moved back to Michigan we entered bear area. Now, not many bears have been seen in this direct area we are in, when we went up north a bit we seen bear crossing signs. I thought it was a bit funny to see the sign, and I was praying those bears stayed in the woods.

Anyhow we were talking about bears last night, and I guess when I went to sleep I had bears on my mind, because I had a dream that a baby bear was outside. I tried to get my camera to take a picture because I new noone would believe me. However, by the time I got back the bear was gone.

I woke up startled, a bit. Then went back to bed, and started to dream about yet another thing we talked about during the day. It seems all my dreams are things that are currently going on in my life…

Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean? I know I am curious on what my dreams mean!

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  1. Yep, I always wonder too. a lot of times I don’t even remember them.. the dreams I remember most is with my twin sister, I can dream about when she gets hurt or feeling sad.. I give a call a few days later and learned she did get hurt. Weird, must be a twin connection in my dream.

  2. i actually dream mostly those who have passed away, relatives..

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