Tasty Thursday: Steak Fingers

Have you ever had that meal that made you go back for more even if you were not hungry. I have had that meal many times, even though I know I should say no more, I say just a little more.

Steak fingers is another recipe my sister taught me to make many years ago.

Steak Fingers Recipe

Family pack of cubed steak (trust me you will want left overs on this one)




Peanut oil

Seasons to taste.

Cut the cubed steak in strips once you have them all cut, mix milk and eggs to make a egg wash. Mix some flour with the seasons you would like, I usually just do salt, pepper, and garlic.

Heat up some peanut oil in a frying pan, we use peanut oil, because it cooks more even. Now dip your steak in egg, then flour, then put it in the pan. Make sure the oil is hot or this will not do right, cook each steak a few minutes on each side, then place on a plate with paper towel to help gather some of the grease. Continue cooking until you have them all cooked up. Serve with some macaroni and cheese, and corn for a yummy dinner.

Make sure to come back and let me know what you thought of this recipe, this is always a big hit with my family, and would be a great addition to any get together as one of the finger foods.

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  1. Thank for the recipe.. I know the kids will gobble these up!

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