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Having a self hosted wordpress blog allows you to have several awesome plugins. I love being able to see who is trying to gain unauthorized access to my blog. One of my all time favorite plugin for wordpress, is the limited login plugin. Having this plugin lets me protect my blog from the “password scanners”.

Usually, they try a few times give up and move on, however, the other day I noticed someone trying to gain access and they were temporary banned,  following day same thing. After I had seen 4 failed attempts, I decided it was time to just ban this person. Today I go in and look at my ban logs, this person has made 10 attempts to gain access.

They want in bad, to bad they are not getting in, I think it is time to change a few settings, and make it ban after the first failed attempt.

After doing some research I found this to be an Amazon ip address, and I may have to contact them to let them know someone is misusing their TOS.I dislike those that try to be destructive of others work. The main goal for the intruders is to embedded viruses in your code, so that you are infecting everyone that accesses your account. If you have never had a bad virus on your computer consider yourself lucky!

One time, I got such a bad virus I cleared the whole computer and started new, I tried and tried to get the thing removed, however, it was not going anywhere.

One must have plugin for those on wordpress is limited login attempts. This way if you get someone that thinks they know your password they will get banned if they fail too many times.

What plugins do you like to use to stop intruders?

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  1. I am still new to wordpress, I haven’t given it much thought on someone trying to login.. I just assumed it was secure with a password.. thanks for sharing, I will be looking in to some plugins

    • Now days passwords are not safe, hackers have all sorts of ways to enter your site, and embed code to infect many people. Just yesterday as I entered giveaways I came across a blog that was infected and it messed my computer up. Thankfully I have it all fixed.

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