do you hate the recent facebook changes?

Yea, so do I. Like many, I am not one for change. Sure change is good sometimes, but other times, change is not needed. Last night before I was about to close down the laptop for the night, I noticed some changes to Facebook. These changes were not for the better, I got pretty annoyed.

I do not want to see my updates in a small box on the right hand sidebar, I want to see it in the middle how it once was. Instead I am seeing the same thing over and over again. Just because facebook thinks it is a top story doesn’t mean I do. I seen several other facebookers fussing about this new change as well, one had comments, so I read the comments to find out there is an app for your web browser. I use firefox, so I got the firefox plugin, now this app or plugin whatever you would like to call it, doesn’t make the facebook look like before, but you can customize how your facebook is, you can even change the theme.

If you are interested you can head on over to Better Face Book, and check it out. I am currently using it, granted it isn’t the old one, but I can make changes how I like.

Hope this helps those that are aggravated with facebook.

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  1. Mrs Anonymous says:

    I hate it! I am so lost.

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