Questions for the Wicked

Do all the lies ever come back to haunt you? I find it funny how some claim to be such great friends, but only talk crap about ones behind their backs. A question for the Wicked, in time you will burn all your bridges, and the only one to blame will be yourself. All your lies will catch up to you, and you will be left to drown in your own tears.

One shouldn’t throw stones, if they don’t want them thrown back. I have noticed a lot of fake people online, I assume they think since they are behind a computer screen the person on the other end will not see into their lies. However, once a person lies, it is hard to keep up with that lie, and in the end it just ends up being on big lie, they couldn’t remember. Once this happens their fantasy world gets turned upside down, and the ones that stick with them are the ones that like to keep a lie going.

Not all people online are like that, however, you have to watch who you trust, or bridges will get burnt.


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