Relationships: arguments about money

Most arguments in a relationship stem around money. With the economy being in shambles, money has many stressed to all ends. Not knowing if you will have money for the house note, or the car payment. The rising cost of food, and gas, is making living some what of  normal life a bit impossible.

All the stress is causing couples to fight, when they normally wouldn’t. Trust me been there, done that. I often think all marriages, would be perfect if money wasn’t an issue. I mean think about it, if we had not only the money to pay our bills, but also the money to enjoy our lives with one another, what else would there be to fuss about. Unless, one truly didn’t love the other.

I know a lot more issues make a relationship, but I know one of the number one issues to ruin a relationship is MONEY. Money, can often be the cause of lost friendships as well.

Below are a few helpful resources I have found that may help remove some of the stress.
1. Kiplinger – Kiplinger has a budgeting worksheet where you can really see everything in black and white.
2. Mom’s Budget – Mom’s Budget is another great website. There a few different useful worksheets for budgeting including household budget worksheet, grocery price log, and more.
3. Baby Budgeting – This is a great blog with lots of posts relating to budgeting.
4. My Money Blog – This has a list full of various online resources and tools for budgeting.
5. Simply Living on a Budget – This blog is full of budgeting resources and tips.
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