Bath and Body Works: Dark Kiss

I personally love Bath and Body Works. They often have some pretty great deals going on,  Dark kiss has to be one of my favorite of theirs. One of my favorite deals of theirs is the purchase 3 items you get 2 free! That is 5 items for the price of 3! Who doesn’t like free products!

If you check their website you will also find online deals only! I would personally rather shop online vs going to the store any day.

I don’t know one person who doesn’t like bath and body works. I had never tried their product until recently, and I was in love the minute the body wash hit my skin, that was all I could smell for the whole day! I also love their fun Christmas scents, not long ago my sister hit up a Bath and Body Works that was going out of business, and she got some amazing deals.

Of course she put them up for different holidays.

Since it can be hard to purchase gifts for others, I like taking and stocking up on bathroom/household items, and making personal baskets. You may think that is corny, but I tell you, these are useful products, that are needed, so you will not be wasting money. I am a sucker for saving.

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